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The Israel Women’s Network (IWN) was founded in 1984 to promote a better Israeli society, by focusing on equality for women and on creating the conditions for their prosperity. Our work includes researching the labor market to create a comprehensive vision of the policy measures required to achieve equality; handling cases of women’s exclusion from the public sphere, appealing gender segregation in the courts, and contending similar phenomena in the IDF.

We operate free legal hotlines for women’s rights and discrimination in the workforce, including dedicated lines for Ultra-Orthodox and Arab women. The Israel Women’s Network also monitors and proposes pertinent legislation for the protection of women’s rights, initiates and participates in relevant discussions in committees in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset.

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The New Israel Fund is a partnership of Israelis and supporters of Israel worldwide, dedicated to a vision of Israel as both the Jewish homeland and a democracy for all its citizens. Our community promotes freedom, equality and social justice by funding Israeli non-profits and fostering new discussions in the Australian Jewish community.

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